I should be blogging 1

Stealing my “introduce yourself” post to use as the about me:

We’re only a week into the new year, I’m only 5 daily tasks behind! Doing pretty good for me 🙂  I started following this Zero to Hero thing as soon as I saw it.  Not that I think I will ever be in a position to have any sort of noteworthy, buzz-worthy blog.  I actually started on WordPress to start a blog where I would occasionally write letters to my now 3.5 year old son, with the intention of showing them to him when he is older, hopefully before the therapy starts, mitigating life long issues by giving an alternative look at situations, providing some insight that you don’t normally get from parents.  So anyway.  Here I was posting my little letter to a toddler who could care less and the tiny creative person that lives inside me started to perk up a little bit.  She is often drowned into submission by the daily humdrum of accounting and general domesticated duties, lack of sleep, and stress.

Over the years, across the various mediums of the interwebz I have found myself attempting to do writing type tasks, from blogger, and live journal and random posts elsewhere, only to get bored or in not making any effort to promote it.  What struck me most was the daily prompts here, the linking within it to participating blogs, allowing me the opportunity to easily seek out other blogs/bloggers and maybe get feedback on my own thoughts every once in a while.  So that’s why I am here.  To unlock my inner creative for a few minutes a day with some guided prompts.  Hopefully she will rebel and break out on her own more often. I love when that happens.