The ABC’s of Advice

Writing Prompt found from a new source 🙂

Make an Alphabetical List of Advice

Analyze your truths

Be aware of your thoughts as they become your words

Consider others

Don’t forget your towel

Entertain new ideas

Find time for Fun

Give more than you take

Hope for the best plan for the worst

Investigate everything you can

Jump at the opportunity to learn new things

Keep technology use in perspective

Laugh whenever you can

Make key relationships a priority

Never make the pessimist the dominate voice

Open your mind to new ideas

Pride is healthy, arrogance is not

Quiet time isn’t just for 3 year olds

Remember where you’ve been but do not dwell

Sunsets and sunrises are better when not viewed through an app

Touch is neglected sense-Hug a loved one.

Understand your weaknesses

Value your time

Wishes do come true if you work for them

Xenophobia is bred from ignorance. Always be learning

Youths are your chance to teach and inspire a better future

Zebras are not as cool as Chris Rock