The Countdown Begins

We’ve been on countdown mode for a little while now.  We’re down to the wire.  One day left of work, three days until “THE BIG DAY”. Dun Dun duuunnnn

I have so many people telling me to “not sweat the small stuff”, “don’t let the little mishaps ruin your big day”, “Expect things to go wrong because they will”.  It makes me wonder about these people, and whether or not they  know they are talking to ME.  I’d be more apt to get worked up over planning a wedding and making sure everything is perfect if it was for someone else.  For myself…not so much.  Don’t get me wrong I have this quaint little picture in my head of how things are going to look based on what we have planned.  But, if the lights fall down, and the cake is ravaged by precarious little children, and the DJ ends up being a crappy DJ, and it rains….Guess what. Zero shits will be given.  I’ll throw the lights on trees haphazardly, I’ll start a food fight with the kids (making sure to hit the DJ with a big piece of ravaged cake) and start a mud wrestling pit.  This day isn’t about being perfect.  Life isn’t perfect, marriage isn’t perfect, humans aren’t perfect, expectations of perfection will always lead you down a path of disappointment.



At the end of the day, I get to walk away with a great new family, a soul mate as a partner for life, and memories good or bad of a day when family and friends came together from near and far to celebrate it all with us.


Well that’s it for now  I’m still going to keep counting down to the wedding, counting down to the vacation after, count down to the day we start building our home together, and enjoy every day of every count.


Blessed Be!