The road least traveled

I haven’t posted in some time now, haven’t even really checked in with WordPress.  Maybe in the past I would have apologized for this; but, I read a blog on here once (Can’t for the life of me remember the overall topic or who it was by) that said: Don’t apologize for not writing.  So I’m not going to.

Fact is I’ve been busy with life.  Getting married in 31 days, a full-of-wonder 3-year-old at home, and a full-time job with ever mounting responsibilities.  All of these things are fantastic, but leave me with little life left in me at the end of the day!

Okay on to business.

I always have so many topics floating through my brain it’s hard to pin one down long enough to talk about it.  Given that most of my “writing” is done while I’m at work and in as much secrecy as possible the possibility of fleshing these ideas out.  I have been doing a lot of reading, and listening to books, and podcasts with guests that are talking about self-development.  Constant and continual progress of self is so vitally important to me, that taking in as much information from others as possible to add to my own repertoire of knowledge is key.

I decided to write today.  I log in and find our daily prompt : The Happy Wanderer which is of course asking a very generic question regarding travel habits and whether you pack your socks in order of color and have every moment planned out.  (While I do suffer from moments of OCDish tendencies should I ever find myself in a position where I am able to GTFO out of dodge for any period of time I’ll probably just be throwing shit in a suitcase and running away before someone changes their minds and I have to stay!!)  So while this prompt didn’t really speak to me in any real travel abroad and tell stories of the road kind of way…it did lead me to explore the road least traveled, one of self-actualization.  You see I think Maslow had it wrong.


I don’t believe self-actualization is the last step in leading a healthy happy life.  I think, if you can’t accept facts, let go of prejudice and realize your inner talents, you will not be able to be completely successful at every thing else you attempt.

I have just started listening to this book but I highly recommend it. Mastery by Robert Greene.

So that’s where I am at right now, wandering down a very forgotten road in our society, and absolutely neglected by many in my generation.  I seek to find many questions along the way, and hope to work toward answering some too!