The beauty in hindsight

UntitledThis is where I  grew up.

Rumney, NH

The Prompt

The canopy of green in the summer is enormous and with sunlight trickling through the branches it couldn’t be any more serene.  The smell of pine needles and dense forest growth, delicate pink Lady Slippers adorning the forest floor. Ancient rocks and trees long since felled into their current resting place, covered in multitudes of moss varieties.  All this and more could be seen, heard, felt, smelled, touched from the hand-built log cabin we lived in.  Almost a complete self-sustaining lifestyle, with gardens for vegetables and herbs, chickens for eggs, pigs and turkeys raised and slaughtered yearly for meat, in addition to the animals hunted or trapped.  We used wood fires burned in cast iron stoves for heat in the winter, and the very nature of the house kept it cool in the summer.  The beauty of where I was and what I had, was never explained to me, was never emphasized as a kid.  Growing up I HATED this place, this quite little town with one stop light, with one or two corner stores, the typical main street with library, school, and town hall all surrounding a town center.  People worked, in the community, some traveled but not much. The nearest town of any size was 20 min away and there wasn’t much more to do there as a career.

I hated that my small little town of  1480 people who all knew each other.  Kids we went started school with, we graduated 8th grade with, having been in the same one-building school-house for all 8 years we were more like brothers and sisters than mere classmates.  My first grade teacher was my step fathers first grade teacher and went on to be my little brother’s principle.

I moved away when I was 18 and have been back only a handful of times.  I live almost 1455 miles away now and oh how I miss it.  I miss the quaint little town that only New England can do.

UntitledWhere I Live Now

Fort Pierce, FL

I look around where I live now and I see a struggling attempt at life.  A renewed “historical downtown” with a fancy courthouse and a theater, a marina with a new boardwalk area only brings life to those who can afford to venture there.  That downtown wasn’t rebuilt to help anyone who lives here, it was built to attract the people from surrounding towns who already have money.  Who roll up their windows and drive a little bit faster until they get to their destination.  Meanwhile once you leave the main street of this downtown area you see the poverty, you see the lack of community.

I don’t truly live in this town either.  I sleep here, my mail comes here that’s about it.  I work 30 minutes away, my son goes to daycare in the next town and I will move out of this area before he is of age to go to one of the local elementary schools.  My want for a simpler life, surrounded by the comforts and beauty of nature and quiet is shared by my fiance and the plans for our house in the “country” are being drawn up in our heads at the moment, with the strong push toward making a reality the focus of our goals.  It will never be the tree-lined dirt road hidden away from everyone that I had the unknown pleasure of growing up in but I will do my best to make it something we can be proud of and hopefully I be able to give my son the tools to appreciate it for what it is, and what we were trying to do with it.