Attaining the intangible

Today’s daily prompt as many of you know falls in line with the grandiose holiday that is Valentine’s Day.

Asking us about our first crush, all the typical feelings that are meant to come along with it.

I don’t ever assume to speak for anyone other than myself and to that here’s my thoughts on the matter from the mindset of where I am now in my life.

My first crush, my first “love” my first sweaty palms and heart twitterpations don’t even being to compare to what I feel now, and I don’t feel any of those things at all.

One year three months and 3 days ago I met my soul mate.  I didn’t know then that he was my soul mate.  But it didn’t take long to figure it out.  My now fiance and I met on e-harmony.  Yup that shit really works, if you’re honest with and about yourself.  We got engaged less than a year after we e-met.  Many people may scoff at that, criticize and say how can you possible know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you have only known for such a short amount of time?  The answer…I know because I am complete. There isn’t some story book fall in love mushy gooshy story to tell, we fell in love with each other and while it may have been fast for someone else it was just right for us.  Nothing has felt this natural and right in my life and I am thankful everyday for all the events in my life that lead up to us meeting.

Part of what makes us awesome for each other, we both think today is a ridiculous holiday.  We take the time to love and appreciate each year-long and do not need a holiday to remind us.

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