World Cancer Day: My Cancer Story

A beautiful story of the anguish and torment, the guilt and resentment, but also of the strength that comes from being a cancer survivor.

Part Time Monster

This latest post comes from Brandie Ashe, a friend and colleague from college. Brandie is co-founder and editor of the classic film blog True Classics. You can find out more about her on our contributors page.


I was thirty-three years old when I found out I had cancer.

I am one of the lucky ones. My cancer was detected early. It took one surgery to completely eradicate the disease. I had a painful four-week recovery, and then I was fine. No chemotherapy. No radiation. No further treatment. It was a “get out of cancer free” card that I never expected to receive, one that, in fact, made me feel remorseful and almost ashamed when I saw other people suffering through longer fights than the one I was faced with, and left me weeping with guilt when others lost their battle in the brief time it took me…

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