Jumping the gaps

High voltage

We’re asked today to think about and explore the generations around us. What we understand least and what we can learn from them.

Looking backward for a moment.  I always think there is a lot to be learned from people who have lived through everything they have already lived through.  Our society has changed so much in such a short amount of time it’s really incredible.  And if you have the opportunity to sit down and learn from someone who might have some perspective to share with you, DO IT.  Flip side of that coin.  Go sit down with a 10-year-old and find out what is going on right now.  We may be here too, living our lives, but we are bringing with it a foundation based on information and social values and norms of something that has already been upgraded, tweaked, and otherwise modified 15 times over.  That 10-year-old has had access to things we never did, they see things in a whole new light just as someone 20 years your elder sees things shaded with the colors of their foundations.

I don’t presume to know much about much and any opportunity to add to my library regardless of the source is a welcomed one.