Is it false to be nice?

Our prompt today asks us to describe a time when we were nice.  Again I find myself at odds with the task at hand between the writers and the visual creatives who are to show kindness.

On the surface these things may seem the same, and maybe it is simply me that is adding extra connotation to the word.

To me being nice is a surface level thing you do in social situations.  It is nice to compliment a host on various aspects of the gathering, it is polite.  It may be disingenuous.  The mask of the niceties that are expected of us.

To me kindness is something that is sincere, it comes from a place of honesty and integrity.  It does not expect anything in return, it is selfless.

I have been nice my whole life and do not feel any particular satisfaction from it.  There are fewer times when looking back at my short existence when anything I have done could be considered the selfless kindness I talk about here.  I took in a stray cat once, she was oh so tiny, hungry and cold, left to die because she had a severe bladder infection and a heart murmur.  Her short time with me she found love and comfort again.  So I guess I’ll use that as an example.