Mirrors…Judgey McJudgertons

Does the person I see in the mirror reflect who I am on the inside?  Simply put..No.  In the mirror I see a sack of meat, bones and flesh and features I really had nothing to do with.  I may choose what I do with my hair (to some degree), how much or little make up I decide to throw on the face portion, things of that nature.  But really this reflection is a body that the genetic dice rolled for me.  

On the inside though, that’s where the magic is.  That is where every decision I have ever made has brought me to where I am today and where I will be in the future.  The physical health and all it’s pretty side effects are less important in my opinion to the direct correlation of mental health.  So I look in the mirror and I know that I have made so many changes and improvements to my mental health over the last few years, and at a time when that was so much more important than my looks.  I was lucky that my health was overall good enough to support me while I made those mental strides.  Now, now is my time to complete the course. Work on my physical health, to give my brain the support it needs.

To answer the second bit…I don’t give much stock to someones appearance because I have no idea what their story is.