A whole mess of topics!!

I had seen this a couple of years ago in one of my attempts to do this whole blog thing.  But was reminded of it again by a blog I follow Rarasaur.  When I first came upon it I felt kind of intimidated…wasn’t really sure what I was doing in the blog world or where I wanted to go with it. (Still figuring that bit out!).  This time…I see this fun little generator as a challange!  Bring on the crazy blog.
ImageOne thing that brought me back to blogging was some of the hilarious snarky mom type blogs I have found via other social media outlets. I love being surrounded by a community of creative people.

So anyway…back to this blog topic generator…

I started off with the topics of computers, books, dragons, three things I enjoy quite a bit…however these came back with ultra boring topics some of which made no sense at all, so I switched it up a little.

Keep your eye out.  Up next…we tackle that dragon problem 🙂