Prompted to write about style today.


My personal style:

Fashion: There is no style, there is whatever I can throw on before the little one breaks open the fridge, and in an attempt at asserting his independence, spill half a gallon of milk all over the floor.  Not quite mom jeans and 80’s left over baggy shirts, but certainly no fashionista.

Music: I am pretty much stuck int he 90’s and early 2000.  Such is the fate of an early 80s baby.  I appreciate earlier musics as well…not so much the new “music” that is out.

 Communication:  This is a little less cut and dry.  The core of my person is quite introverted.  My ideas and beliefs and thoughts on things can be quite extroverted.  Getting these two things to come together and come out of my mouth properly…well that is always a struggle.  I think that is why I am drawn to this medium of communication so much.  It allows me to say what I have to say in a non confrontational kind of way, where I can still receive feedback even if just in the form of views and follows and likes and such.

Eating style: There is such a thing? I eat to survive.  If I could take a pill and never have to eat again I would be totally fine with that.  I enjoy cooking for other people.  I derive great pleasure from seeing someone chow down on a meal I have prepared but for me personally…its meh.