Psychology of Colors

I have often found the psychology behind colors to be quite interesting.  Until this prompt I had never had this thought “what about color blind people?” Does not being able to perceive certain colors affect who you are as a person.  Never getting to distinguish between greens, blues, and purples do you lose the ability to fully relate to peaceful relaxation of the natural green & blue hues.  My fiance is color blind. He calls it shade blind but the more he questions me on what colors are what its a little more serious than just which green is darker.  We saw a beautiful thick vibrant double rainbow yesterday.  I commented as such and awed at the beauty of it only to immediately bite my tongue in wonder if he will be able to appreciate it (at least in the same way I do).  I asked him once “What does a rainbow look like to you” which in hindsight and very shortly after the words fell from my mouth this was a very stupid question, because to him the word “Rainbow” still identifies the same thing.  It looks like a rainbow was the response.

…in response Roy G. Biv