Paying it Forward


I think of this movie every time I see or hear about these oh so few random acts of kindness.  It’s not that they acts themselves are few, we just don’t hear about them.  If there was a daily segment on the major news stations where regular folks on the street told of the person in front of them at the check out who paid for their meal, or let them cut in line because they had 3 items and a screaming toddler attached to their hip, and how that one instant changed their mindset for the rest of the day, maybe it gave that mother the minute she needed to sit down with the screaming toddler and find out he only wanted to help, giving them an opportunity to talk about what he can do to help at the grocery store.

I can’t think of any big event that I can say with superhero hands on my hips “THIS IS THE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS I HAVE PERFORMED!”  I try and bring kindness into my every day interaction with these other humanoids on this planet, a smile while holding the door, letting someone merge into traffic, donating food, clothes, toys, to local shelters, teaching my son the importance of doing the same.

So I guess my Secret is that I don’t keep it a secret that I want to help people, but I don’t boast about it or expect any sort of recognition.  I think it is exactly what you are supposed to do, as often as you possibly can.