Breaking the Mundane

Actually see this weeks writing challenge is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place.  I sit here at my half cubicle desk doing my daily office tasks every day Monday through Friday 8 am-4:30 pm each and every week, I love my job.  It is a lot better than any other office type job I’ve had.  I have the opportunity to do many different things, speak with different people, and occasionally I even have a moment or two where I get to engage my brain!

I need an outlet, I need a chance to create something, even if it’s just a little something, it doesn’t have to be good, just a change.  A blog post, a 4×4 doodle, anything that isn’t receipts and invoices. So here I am.


To recap, here’s what to do for the challenge. As always, feel free to adapt the challenge as you see fit. The object is to get you writing:

  1. Pick three original details from encounters during your day or your week that you’ve observed.
  2. Once you’ve collected your details, your “glimmers of a beginning,” write at least one paragraph containing your original details.

There is this sensation that is starting to creep up my spine, a weight that is lowering itself onto my shoulders, a cloud that is passing in front of my eyes.  Looking down I see the cause…It’s 3:00 pm. That awful time in the middle of the afternoon, where as an adult you are no longer able to throw up your hands and go take a nap.   The over head light is a little too bright, the lack of clack on the keyboards seem to tell everyone how little you are actually doing.  The barely audible music from the rest of the building seems to add to the dullness of the day instead of taking it away.  Attempting to look busy,  shuffle of papers, walking quickly to the end of the office coffee must be had, or this day will for sure never end.


Ahhhh the warmth of the cup break through the almost cold of the office A/C.  The wonderful aroma of fresh coffee awakens the mind, once awakened it reminds one of lazy Sunday mornings, with a good book, and a lounge chair on the back porch. Saddened I am eager to end the day.  Finishing out the days work. Clocking out, happy to have a job, happy to leave, excited to see the family I’ve missed throughout the day.

And on that note. my day here is done.